Spinal Decompression

This form of care is known to help individuals suffering from disc injuries in the neck and low back. This is a conservative approach for those suffering from neck, arm, low back and leg pain. In our office we have a 96% success rate of alleviating symptoms.
Personal/Sports/Industrial Injuries

In most cases we provide care with no out of pocket cost for PI & WC Cases. Call to schedule for an appointment!
Cold Laser

This device helps to relieve pain caused by repetitive movements or sports injury. Works great with shoulders, upper back, elbows and wrists. Also with leg, knee or muscle pain. Regular price is $60.00 We are offering this for now at $15.00 per visit or $10.00 per visit when you purchase ten in advance.
Digital X-Rays

Quality X-Rays with less radiation than standard plain film views.
Massage Therapy

One hour full body massage $70.00

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